6 of my favourite Marketing quotes – 2017

This Marketing era has become drastically digitalized and content driven, rightly so! Every Marketing leader is just interested in numbers that convert. Some numbers makes real sense and some doesn’t, some drives the business and some we can never have control over.  Marketing has evolved over the years, from interactive content to influencer Marketing, new avenues are opening up every now and then, it’s just … Continue reading 6 of my favourite Marketing quotes – 2017

Travel to Armenia: Things to remember 

If you are planning to travel to Armenia over the weekend, here are some quick tips and learnings from our journey. Food: All vegetarians, please stop over at your nearest supermarket and carry some fruits along. Most Armenian restaurants don’t serve Veg dishes except for salad. For Chicken lovers, I would strongly suggest a Doner sandwich from Mr. Gyros. If you would like to still … Continue reading Travel to Armenia: Things to remember 

A weekend in the Pink City! 

Selfie with Mount Ararat in the background – Check Visit to the only Greek temple in Armenia – Check Pomegranate wine tasting – Check  Zipline adventure by lake Parz – Check One of the scariest yet scenic ropeway experience – Check An instagram worthy shot of Lake Sevan – Check  Travel with an amazing bunch – Check! All of the above made my weekend, stupendously … Continue reading A weekend in the Pink City! 

Book review: An Unsuitable Boy

Overall rating: 3/5 A quick, breezy weekend read for anyone who is a fan of Bollywood movies and the celebrity Karan Johar. He takes the readers through how his career in the film industry started about through to his best movies and the making of it followed by some of his strong and long-standing friendships. He also briefly talks about his love life and the … Continue reading Book review: An Unsuitable Boy

4 reasons why I fell in love with Istanbul!

This is a spectacular city, filled with layers of history, culture, and incredible food. Being one of the biggest cities in the world, Istanbul bestrides between Europe and Asia. Although Istanbul is not the capital of Turkey now, this city has served as the ancient capital for many empires from the Roman era to Ottoman era. Every nook and corner of Istanbul will have a … Continue reading 4 reasons why I fell in love with Istanbul!

Book review: The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad

Funny. Observant. Wise. Book review: 3.5 stars/5 Yes, it’s the much-hyped book of 2017 by Mrs Funnybones – The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad. The book is a collection of 4 heart touching short stories that will leave you wanting for more. This book with 287 pages is a light read and I managed to complete the read in less than three folds. The first one … Continue reading Book review: The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad

Thekkady Travel Trails

You don’t have to always travel far and away to have the best holiday. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of spending quality time with your family and exploring the cities nearby. This time around, on our holiday back to hometown, we decided to give the entire family a break, from aged to the young ones, we travelled together. Sang songs, gossiped, slept and most importantly … Continue reading Thekkady Travel Trails