5 Hidden Gems of Brampton and Mississauga (That are affordable too)

Good food is all we need! #FoodieFinds #FoodiesinTown Continue reading 5 Hidden Gems of Brampton and Mississauga (That are affordable too)


A La Poutine Story

This French-Canadian dish which is traditionally made of french fries, cheese curds topped with delicious gravy, is one of the must try delicacy of Canada. As the history suggests, Poutine was born in rural Quebec in the 1950’s and has a huge history and has a lot of sentimental value amongst the Canadians. This messy side dish has become Canada’s favourite food. Although many people … Continue reading A La Poutine Story

Whoever said Goodbye Dubai was going to be easy!

I have recently moved out of Dubai for good and what I carry along with me are the memories of the last thirty years this country has managed to create for me. It’s been two months already and there’s not probably a day I have not missed Dubai. Not only because of the fact that it is the city I grew up in but also because my family is back there. Continue reading Whoever said Goodbye Dubai was going to be easy!

Food tripping Singapore

Last weekend, we were busy exploring Singapore. Food tripping is an integral part of the site seeing tour and hence we didn’t miss out on any chance that came munching our way! For those of you who re worried about halal food options, Frey not, there are plenty. Here’s a quick video that summarizes our trip through! Last week I was #foodtripping to @visit_singapore with … Continue reading Food tripping Singapore

Review: The Bookworm Subscription box, Dubai

Have you always tried subscribing to book subscription boxes internationally and have them delivered to Dubai? It’s always a hassle with international shipment involved and gets pricey too. We discovered the only book subscription box in the UAE for as little as AED 99. Each of these boxes are customized with a recent fiction read in hardcover and some really cool goodies as well as … Continue reading Review: The Bookworm Subscription box, Dubai

Review: The Earth lounge

Overall rating: ★★★ Food: ★★★ Ambience: ★★★ Cleanliness: ★★★★ Facilities: ★★★ Customer service: ★★★★ A friend dropped me at the Cochin international airport shortly after 7 PM, plenty for my flight which was scheduled for departure at 11 PM. The only thing in my mind was that I had a bit of work to complete prior to my arrival into Dubai and had to relax before my boarding certainly away from … Continue reading Review: The Earth lounge