A Magical Trip to the Blue Mountains (Winter Wonderland)

When we asked around for the best spot to go on a day trip within Ontario, Blue Mountain came out to be the top most recommended places. After quick research, it was established that Blue Mountain is not only the ideal destination for a day trip but also for a winter getaway. There are plenty of adventures for you to enjoy and spas for you to relax here. Blue Mountain has one of the largest resorts in Ontario and the location also has plenty of Airbnb spots if you are tight on budget.

It’s simply picturesque during Autumns and Winters up there. The drive up there was pretty scenic too. We stopped at quite a few places, snacking and unwinding. Blue Mountain which is located in Collingwood, has a small-town charm to the place.

There are plenty of activities for every age group and every kind of traveller. If you enjoy skiing and snowboarding, this popular destination is an ideal ski trip escape (for both beginners and experts). Since we both aren’t good at skiing, we chose an alternate adventure called Ridge runner mountain coaster. It was fun gliding ride through the breathtaking terrain of the mountain with spectacular views.

Apart from skiing, snowboarding, gliding there are other activities to enjoy here too. This place is also known to be the caving paradise with unique geological formations. Bruce trails and Metcalfe Rock offer stunning views and are well worth the hike.

So for the next activity, we are definitely coming back again. It’s none other than unwinding and rejuvenating by Scandinave Spa for an immersive experience. Relax by nature, holding your favourite book and sipping a hot cup of coffee. Let me warn you, it isn’t quite on the affordable side but is well worth the experience. Scandinavian baths and hydrotherapy, located amidst the serene natural forest, in the heart of nature is a unique experience. The place is usually packed during the weekends and holidays, hence we highly recommend you to choose a weekday to experience the place instead. Experience the hot pools, the sauna and a relaxing full body massage – believe you me, your body is going to thank you for it!

If you have a long weekend coming your way, we suggest you start planning a trip to Blue Mountain without further ado. It could be a day trip or a stay-over, you are sure to enjoy it!


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