My Favourite Apps To Create Instagram Content Like A Pro

Instagram is one of the leading and popular social media channels of 2018. It is also my favourite and one of the only social media handles that I am active on. This visual platform is also an active space for many micro-influencers as well as brands. If you look closely, some people like to organize their accounts and profiles in accordance with a certain theme and some like to show off their photography skills. Every person with a phone camera suddenly feels like a novice photographer with Instagram. You might already know that I enjoy downloading and experimenting with several apps, and these are some of my favourites to help you create lit visual content for Instagram like a pro.

  • VSCO: Edit your photographs to a colour theme or a preset and save it to your liking. I often like to use M5 filter with grains, I have even saved it to my favourites to be able to edit a picture in just a click or so. Try this app and make your posts look consistent.
  • Unfold: Instagram stories have been exploding with content which lasts for about 24 hours. People capture their every day in stories and feature the highlight in posts. Make your stories look prettier with this app using their clean and modern templates. I would edit my images on VSCO and create stories using templates on Unfold. I love the handwriting font that can be incorporated into my stories with this app too. Hype Type: If you are a fan of typography and love adding texts to highlight your stories, then Hype Type is going to be your favourite. I love how we can play around with the swirling fonts to match the images with minimal text animation.
  • Videoleap: Create video content, add music, mix two videos and edit them with filters and text. Videoleap lets you do all that and more to help you spice up your Instagram profile. I would shoot video snippets, download background theme music (Of course royalty free ones) and then edit it on video leap to my taste. If it’s over 15 secs, I would slice it up using CutStory app, resize it to fit the story using video resizer and if it’s over 1 Minute, I prefer to feature it on IGTV and link it out of your stories or posts.
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  • Plotoverse: Have you seen plotographs in posts and stories on Instagram? If you are not sure of what that is, let me tell you these are simple movements of a certain element in your photograph. You might need some practice to get used to this app, but, once you become a pro at creating plotographs, you’d probably fall in love with it instantly!
  • Swipeable: Have you ever wondered how to feature panoramic images on Instagram? Swipeable is one of my latest app favourites for just that! It lets you split your panoramic images into different frames and give a continued effect while flipping through them. Isn’t that cool?

Some of the other photo editing apps that you could try as an alternate include snapseed, adobe spark and so on. Craft your content in a unique and innovative manner, make it cohesive and don’t be afraid to try out new apps. Some people love spacing out the images, and some likes to give a consistent colour present to their images and some find a theme to suit their profile. Try out all of these apps and let me know your favourites!


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