Book Reviews: The Kiss Quotient and The Hating Game

From heart-wrenching love stories to quirky romance stories with a sinful twist, I enjoy reading them all. A good romantic read coupled with a hot chocolate drink and a blanket wrapped around to cozy up to, winter reads have never sounded so perfect!

The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang

All things that make you different, makes you perfect! ~ this line alone from the book summarizes the whole story which is a perfect blend of a sweet, steamy, slightly cheesy, dramatic yet emotional novel. If nothing, you would fall in love with the characters.

A heartwarming story of Stella who is extremely smart but is judged for her Asperger’s syndrome and Michael, the hot escort she hires to help her cope with her love-life issues like social anxiety, loss of focus and making love. Watch out for content warnings and triggers as it has some explicit and graphic sex scenes. But besides that, it transports you to a world of romance and changes your look out for ‘the perfect man’. By the end of your read, you’ll fall in love with the characters that are well established. An interesting line (which is also one of my favourites) goes like this:

“But I want you to know I can handle the truth. If I’m not enough for you, that’s fair and I accept it. I’ll get over you eventually. I don’t want to be coddled or lied to because of what I am. I don’t need your pity friendship”

If you enjoy reading light-hearted romantic novels, then you won’t be able to put this book down. I can’t wait to watch this movie on the big screen. A splendid novel by Helen Hoang!

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The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

This book almost like watching a rom-com on screen. The classic pretend-frenemies who are colleagues falling in love. The novel takes you through the work life of the lead characters Lucy Hutton and Joshua Templeman, who simply hate each other. But as you progress through the book and flip through the pages, you’ll soon start realizing the love behind the hatred mask. While the love story itself is quite interesting, the banter between these characters is funnier.

“I didn’t ask for your advice, Joshua. I get so mad at myself, letting you drag me down to your level all the time.”
“And what level are you imagining me dragging you down to?” His voice is a little velvety and he bites his lip. “Horizontal?”

The novel itself is quite heartwarming, entertaining and gripping but the only throw off was the conversation writing style which got me lost in places. The story starts off a little slow but as you proceed, it got difficult to put the book down. I love how Lucy defends Joshua in front of his dad who has high career expectations of him and tells him the facts that Joshua could never. Another light-hearted, contemporary, funny romantic novel. A work that’s well written by Sally Thorne.

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