Hamilton, you beauty!

If you are looking at Touristing around but don’t want to wander away too far from home, then Hamilton is a great call to make! We had 10 hours in hand and we explored 4 of the top places to be in Hamilton.

1. African lion safari

The animals here are free to wander and are not curbed by electric fences. They could come up to your car and even have a little interaction with you. From Ostriches to lions to monkeys to Zebras, if you are an animal and national geographic lover, you will love the ride in your own car through the safari park. If you decide to pack away some snacks and lunch, there’s a picnic spot with a view too.

Ticket: 37$ during summers

2. Tew’s falls trail

This is known to be the tallest waterfall in Hamilton, a 41-meter ribbon fall. The trail ahead is equally gorgeous. If you enjoy hiking, the view at every stop won’t leave you disappointed. Located in the Spencer Gorge conservation area, the view from the top is of the dense forest and the city of Hamilton.

You can bring some picnic snacks and sit by breathing the fresh air, enjoying the view and relaxing your mind.

Entrance fees: 10$ parking fees

3. Webster falls

About 4 minutes drive away from Tew’s falls is Webster fall, which is also known as the curtain falls. Noted for its panoramic view surrounded by the park, this place is equally Instagrammable. While we enjoyed the hike and the view of Tew’s falls, we loved the waterfalls of Webster more.

Entrance fees: None. In fact,  there’s a shuttle bus from Tew’s to Webster on weekends

4. Dundurn Castle

This massive, historical neoclassical mansion is a 40 room Italian styled villa that was built in the 1800’s. While it continues to be a historical site, the vegetable and fruit garden surrounding the castle is also a great one to stroll through while enjoying the juicy ground cherries they have.

Entrance: 3.50$

Overall a great day, a good tour, self-driven and enjoyed the place at our own pace. Here’s a quick video of the exploration, leave a comment if you like it!


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