Best of Marketing video ads in 2017

It’s been a great year for many brands. We’ve seen many brands team up and come out with creative marketing campaigns. Some with a strong message for a social cause, some are pretty straightforward with just play of words and the others that humorous yet thought-provoking. Some were viral, and some were not. From all the campaigns I have seen and missed in 2017, these are a few of my favourites.

This ad depicts by Samsung depicts, one of the beautiful relationships between a dad and his daughter. The ad showcases the relationship, battle of choices and the girls’ passion for the profession of a being a footballer. The brief apparently was to create an emotional connect, and they have undoubtedly managed to achieve that.

Burger King hands down have showcased some really good campaigns. This time around showcasing the uncomfortable truth about bullying in a remarkable in-store stunt.

This is another one of my favourite campaigns by burger king. How they join hands with Mcdonalds and yet manage to steal the attention with a mere line of copy in the video. This is just one of the stellar work by Burger King (how they managed to take a jibe at their competitor yet get away with it).

This campaign by IKEA introduced transformation of a place in your apartment using their customised augmented reality app. How IKEA used a trending technology to engage with their customers and create personalised experience is quite impressive.

This is another interesting way of using technology to communicate your brand message. McDonald’s aims to capitalise on the way young people are “discovering information” they trust via their smartphones and other devices while watching TV.

God knows how many times I have seen this ad on all digital channels, but the fact is that I still couldn’t get over the British actor and his dialogue delivr y. It’s clear that the advertisement is taking a direct dig at their competitor property developers. Not only that, they have got women raving about the British actor and his sarcastic mode of dialogue delivery.

If you are looking for a stressbuster, do spend some time watching GEICO insurance videos on loop. They are short, crisp and humorous. They manage to create unskippable pre-roll ads that communicate the brand and product messaging in a swift. Over the last few years, they have managed to create entertaining, goofy ads. The only one I could think of as a close competitor to these brand ads are the Never Say No to Panda series that came out in 2010.

Dnata, during Dubai Lynx, came out with this travel series using the VR as the lead prop. From surfing in Bali to Polka dancing at Oktoberfest, to being at the Tennis French Open or going on a yoga retreat. They ask you to travel for real not by sitting at home and enjoying an experience on VR.

Thomascook, another travel company, took the direction of trying to stop stereotyping travel and people within India. North-Eastern states of India are probably closest to nature and have loads to explore but, some travellers have pre-conceived notions such as issues on safety, access and their food habits. This video ad by Thomascook tries to break away from it all. The ad survives on the shoot and the dialogues. Copy well written!

If you fell in love with a brand ad in 2017, don’t forget to leave a comment below and tell me which one.


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