Pulse-racing weekend at the IMG Worlds of Adventure

When a long awaited long weekend graces upon us, some plan to travel out and some wait for an impromptu plan to crop up. This weekend for us was the later part of the story. An impromptu plan to explore the world largest indoor theme park. Having been to most of the theme parks in UAE, this was probably the only left to explore.

Ticket price: AED 245 for adults and AED 225 for children

Because not many people had reviewed the rides here, we weren’t quite sure of what to expect. But hey, now that we’ve been here, let me list out the top 5 rides you must try the minute you have tickets in your hand. If you are still contemplating your decision of being here due to the mix of rides, let me tell you that they have some stimulating rides for adults and some fun rides that bring out the child in you. A perfect weekend out with your family has some head-spinning attractions that we loved. Get ready to enter into the world of interactive adventure.

Our five favourite rides

1. The Powerpuff Girls Mojo Jojo

Start with something that you may think is a kid ride but in reality it a head-spinning-power-packed ride. Starts of slow, takes you on a round and then spins and sways until you start screaming your lungs out with excitement (Not fear – *wink*)

2. The haunted hotel

A walk through one of the scariest hotels reminds you of the perks of being able to scream! It just reminds you that you are alive and not caught up in one of the hanging dead bodies. When the butcher throws a chopped limb at you, you’d be glad to be out of the place.

3. Thor Thunder Spin

In all honesty, had I known what to expect before hopping onto the ride, I would not have taken a step in. The ride flips you 360 degrees, holds you upside down and then flips you back and forth until all your internal organs are jumbled up.

4. The Velociraptor

If you think the roller coaster that you experienced at the Ferrari world was all, meet the velociraptor. This roller coaster is probably what I consider to be the mother of all twisting and twirling roller coasters in Dubai.

5. Predator

What goes up, must come down. The only reason why I hopped onto the ride was because I believed in the law of gravity. This ride takes you swooshing and swirling through the lost valley.

Don’t leave yet…we also loved the 5D movie interactive experience of Avengers Battle of Ultron, Swinging through yet another mini roller coaster called Spider-Man Doc Ock’s Revenge and our last ride Dino carousel that brings out the child in you. A perfect thrilling day out.

Warning: If you are one of those sensitive stomachs who throw up or if you are too lazy to walk around, don’t even think of this place.

Food: There are plenty of restaurants here and will cost you equivalent to the ticket value for lunch.

Word of advice: Get onto all the above rides before you decide to break for lunch

Here’s a video summary:


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