Travel to Armenia: Things to remember 

If you are planning to travel to Armenia over the weekend, here are some quick tips and learnings from our journey.

Food: All vegetarians, please stop over at your nearest supermarket and carry some fruits along. Most Armenian restaurants don’t serve Veg dishes except for salad. For Chicken lovers, I would strongly suggest a Doner sandwich from Mr. Gyros. If you would like to still dine at an Indian restaurant, there’s just one -Karma. It’s in Yerevan city and run by a South Indian.

How much to carry along? : you don’t have to take along more than USD 200 for all expenses including food and shopping. That’s applicable only if your tours are booked prior.

Credit cards: Apart from the duty free counters at the airport, no vendors will accept international credit cards. You will have to convert dollars into Armenian currency. 

Visa for Indian national : On arrival for 3000 Drams 

Tips: Plan your tour itinerary and set your places to visit checklist in place. Be ready to sit through long drives, every  bit of Armenia is scenic and not to be missed. 

Here’s a quick video summary of our Armenian travel which will give you an idea of itinerary too.


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