A weekend in the Pink City! 

  • Selfie with Mount Ararat in the background – Check
  • Visit to the only Greek temple in Armenia – Check
  • Pomegranate wine tasting – Check 
  • Zipline adventure by lake Parz – Check
  • One of the scariest yet scenic ropeway experience – Check
  • An instagram worthy shot of Lake Sevan – Check 
  • Travel with an amazing bunch – Check!

All of the above made my weekend, stupendously fantastic! From adventure to street shopping to taking a break with the nature, Armenia has so much more to offer. Don’t think a 3 day journey would have done full justice, but had I made a choice otherwise, I think I would have missed out on a remarkable experience!

Yerevan, the pink city of Armenia had so much to explore. From the memorial up above to the cascade with a gorgeous view of the whole city, and a selfie opportunity with Mount Ararat in the background, a city tour of Yerevan is highly recommended. Evenings by the musical fountain at the freedom square while relishing a cotton candy is also an experience worth! 

Day two for us was travelling away from the city and off to get some history lessons and closer to the nature. We started off with Garni temple, a UNESCO site followed by Gerhard Monastery. Next stop was the scenic journey to the ski resort (when in snows) Tsakhkadzor. We clearly missed out on snow fight but nevertheless, the place was equally beautiful with greenery all around. Our next stop right after a delicious lunch of Armenian shawarma was Lake Sevan. This is one of the largest fresh water lakes in the world, and the view of the whole lake from the Monastery of Sevanavank. Located on the narrow rocky peninsula, this Monastery, according to one of the inscription was founded in 874. Here’s an interesting excerpt that I picked up online of this Monastery:

“The monastery was strict as it was mainly intended for those monks from Etchmiadzin who had sinned. Jean-Marie Chopin, a French explorer of the Caucasus, visited there in 1830 and wrote of a regimen restraining from meat, wine, youth or women. Another explorer visited the monastery in 1850 and wrote of how manuscripts were still being copied manually.”

Although we could not get enough of this picturesque location, we decided to move on to the next location – Dilijan and Lake Parz. Imagine a drive through an intense forest with wild animals stopping by to say hello, Dilijan is just that! our excitement levels were high, but somehow our energy seemed to have drained out by 5pm, possibly due to the long drive and the hunger to cover the places as much as possible! When we arrived at Lake Parz which is also an adventure park for adventure junkies like us, we were back in track with signs of fatigue. 

Zipline above the Lake Parz costed us 5000 Drams (AED 50 per person). Some of us freaked out at the thought that we didn’t know swimming, but it didn’t matter. One after the other, we followed each other to climb up the tree, swooshing across the Lake off and back! 

A few more snaps and in an hour we were back at the hotel, ready to get started with our day three in Armenia.

Last day was more about souvenir shopping and stuffing our trolleys with home made fruit vines. A visit to Vernisage followed by some high fashion shopping at the underground mall of Northern Avenue helped us fill our suitcases back home. 

This three hour journey from Dubai is totally worth every penny spent and every hour of the weekend!


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