Messy but perfect!

If you are looking for solo travel tips online, there are plenty. But having tried both the experiences, I would any day prefer to go with a bunch of good friends (You’ll only know by the end of the trip). I have to admit that the experiences could be the best or the worst, there is no middle ground.

Imagine having friends who can wake up excited in the morning to get started with exploring the city and come along with you to late night parties and not have to go solo for. Here’s the only warning I have for you, it can be a little messy. One of my recent travel journeys has taught me a thing or two, and these tips will definitely help you with the logistics of planning your next trip with your friends (That is of course after getting through destination finalisation phase).

1. Know that too many cooks will spoil the broth, so don’t take chances. Appoint a lead to coordinate the whole of your trip. Ensure he/she communicates every plan or change of plan with the team. From booking your flights to the tours, take suggestions from all but one person to implement.

2. Polling or voting system always works, and I am not contradicting my previous statement. In case you are stuck with the decision making, ask the group to take a poll. Everyone has to contribute; it’s all about creating good memories together.

3. At the hotel if you have been allocated rooms, don’t let your emotions decide the best or the worst rooms, let lady luck do the magic. If not the explanations can lead to unnecessary conversations.

Tips on planning your travel with friends (1)

4. Money matters! Appoint a financier in your team who can split the cost of every expense that you have had and not have one or two people bear the brunt.

5. It’s all about packing well. Have a list of must carry along thing circulated amongst the team, so they don’t miss out any essentials which can also include a passport

6. Be considerate! Know that some people in your team can be a little more laid back than others. Making sure everyone is happy is never possible, but ensuring that no one complains – it is possible.

7. For all vegetarians in the team – don’t forget to carry some fruits along! It isn’t going to be easy spotting an eat out which serves no-egg, no chicken, no meat dishes. Either be flexible or be self-sufficient.

A word of advice: Don’t let gratuitous conversations dribble through

Oh and most importantly! Have a minimum of two local sims along, so that coordination isn’t interrupted if you are lost and can find the way back. Travel can be stressful, but it compensates well for all the fun you can have with the right group of friends you have along! So, ladies and gentlemen, take a deep breath and remind yourself that no one is perfect including yourself.


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