Lounge review: The Turkish Airlines CIP Lounge

If you have not been to Turkey yet or if you are planning your next travel there, something you must experience is the lounge itself! The Turkish Airlines CIP Lounge in Istanbul needs to be a part of your departure itinerary, let me tell you why!

For the two hours I spent here, there was hardly any lull period. The lounge that claims to be bigger than some of the airports around the world (which is absolutely true) has taken care of every bit of luxury requirements of the business class travellers. Some of the facilities of this two-floor lounge that are worth mentioning are:

1. The baggage storage area which is password protected and requires no keys to keep your luggage safe. When you have a hand baggage that needs to be dragged along, this is one the biggest relief

2. Move along to spot the movie theatre within the lounge. Sit back on the reclining chair and enjoy the movie experience with some popcorns.

3. For those who enjoy reading, there’s a library with an interesting collection of books as well

4. If you are travelling with your friends or if you have made a friend out of your fellow traveller, enjoy a game with them on the Xbox or may a round of pool on the billiards table there

5. How can I miss out on the most important bit? The foooood! Delicious food with Turkish and Continental items served hot at all times. Live cooking stations, and coffee stations are just another feather on their luxurious experience. There are alcohol stations around the lounge as well as a self-serve option.

6. If you just want to sit back and relax, take off all the stress off your shoulders, this lounge also has a masseuse walking around to give you a nice back and shoulder massage as well.

7. There’s more (So I heard), sleeping room access to Business class and Elite plus passengers with a private room, twin bed, showers and a TV.

My next travel, if it’s a long one, will surely have a long layover at the Istanbul airport only for the lounge. Overall, a 5-star experience.




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