Social media: What are brands doing differently in 2017?

Social media platforms have evolved over the last few years and continue to do so. New social media channels open up every other day, app updates now and then, they are dominating the Marketing media plans of most brands. Having had a close look at 2016 and having compared it with the past couple of months in 2017, let’s take a quick look at the trends of the brands on Social Media.


1. Say no to content calendars: It’s great to plan ahead, and most brands continue to have the basic content calendar sorting their communication priorities, but ironically they have stopped following it and now choose to piggyback on the trending topics of the day and find a twist to relate it to the brand.

2. Content adaptation: Looking through eyes of the consumer or the followers of your brand on the popular social media platforms, all though consistency in communicating the creatives are important the formats may have to be different. The attention span of an audience on Facebook is comparatively lesser than your audience on youtube. Although the video consumption on Facebook is relatively higher than channels like Instagram, you’ll notice that a cinema graph or a gif post may work well due to the scroll format.

3. Be mobile friendly: Did you know that every day over 1.7 billion people worldwide are logging on to their social media channels through their mobile devices? Which makes it a bigger reason to reach out to your audience where they are. If you have engaging blog content, ensure they are mobile optimized and maybe even on instant articles (the little lightning icon). If your brands have videos ensure the subtitles are big enough that they can read on smaller screens your mobile.

4. Empowering the users: The power of user generated content is eminent. If the users have interacted with your brand and have had a positive experience along with their customer journey, encourage them to communicate it to the rest of the world. No marketing plan works better than the power of word of mouth.

5. 360-degree videos and the VR push: This is a trend that has picked up admittedly during the last few months of 2016, and continue to do so amongst all the other content on social media. When you have videos that become interactive, you have an amazingly engaged audience.

Above all, measure the content engagement. Track the social share of voice more than the mentions, track the traffic the content has driven more than the referrals and so on. The metrics may vary, but ensure you monitor and measure it closely enough.


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