Thailand in 48 hours (Bangkok and Pattaya)

It’s not easy to explore a destination like Thailand in 48 hours. There are way too many things to do and a lot of places to explore; this time, is not at all justified. Thailand is about 6 hours away from Dubai, and not a lot of travellers choose Thailand for weekend getaways out of Dubai. But a working family like ours, who are always short of holidays to travel, this was the easiest way to come along and spend some time together during weekends. 

It did require a lot of research, a lot of recommendations and of course shortlisting was a tedious. But, once we were 100% sure of the places we wanted to go, we were all up for the mini family challenge. Here’s how our itinerary was:

Day 1

The Grand Palace and the Temple Tour: We started our day with the Grand Palace and the temples surrounding. The temple of Emerald Buddha and the Grand Palace together will cost you about 500 Thai Baht per person. Being the busiest and the most spectacular tourist attraction of Bangkok, we strongly suggest this as a must visit.

Wat Pho is another temple that’s located just a short walk away from the Grand Palace. With just 100 Thai Baht per person for the entrance, you’ll get a chance to see the 46 meters long reclining Buddha.

Our next stop was another 10 minutes away from Wat Pho – Wat Arun. Across the river on a small boat. This is a popular site to watch the sun set from, and this place gets quite packed as well. Hence we chose to explore Wat Pho before we took a break to lunch.

Chinatown: If you are looking to explore the delicacies of Bangkok, then Chinatown is probably one of the best places to do so. From crocodile steaks to fried grasshoppers, you’ll spot them all. If you struggle tasting them, then you must try vivid, fresh fruits and vegetables on display. If nothing else, take a walk along the colourful narrow lanes that are crammed with shops.

Day 2

Off to Pattaya

We received a lot of recommendations from our friends and family to enjoy the wildlife safari instead of exploring Pattaya. But we chose otherwise. We were torn between two options Hua Hin or Pattaya for day 2. Both were two hours away from the hotel we were residing at. We finally settled down for Pattaya instead. Known to welcome naughty men, the itinerary had for Pattaya had to be made family friendly. Here’s what we did:

Pattaya Floating market: Our day 2 started off at the floating market of Pattaya. With 250 Thai Baht as entry fee per person, this is one of the must visit when in Thailand. Traditional shows, bizarre food and a boat ride. For a complete experience, hire a boat to get around and discover the richness of the surrounding Thai architecture and riverside life.

Silverlake Vineyard: Situated in a picturesque location at the base of Khao Chi Chan (Laser Buddha Mountain), this winery in Pattaya is one of the popular attractions here. If I had to summarise the visit in just three words, I would say scenic, picturesque and good food. The Silverlake Vineyard in Pattaya is one of a growing list of vineyards and wineries in Thailand.

Laser Buddha Mountain: One of the largest Buddha images in the world, this landmark is about 130 meters high and was carved out of the rock using laser technology. This image was created in 1996 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s accession the throne.

Sanctuary of Truth: This is a temple that has been under construction since 1989 and is expected to be completed by 2050. An all-wood building filled with sculptures based on traditional Buddhist and Hindu motifs will leave you fascinated with the intricate work. A team of 250 woodcarvers are at work on the sanctuary at any given time. 

By evening we got back to the city, relaxed by the beach, enjoyed the stunning sunset and of course the foot reflexology.


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