Now, that’s strange (or may be not)! 

These matrimonial profiles will crack you up – guaranteed! These are profiles created in 2016, I doubt if you’ll believe your eyes after this interesting read. Let me start off by telling you that I am an Indian, female, who has in fact gone through the arranged marriage trauma and got lucky by being married to the man of my dreams (at least I would believe so *wink wink*) 

I have to admit that the journey of shortlisting your future husband online through some matrimonial profiles with the help of your parents, wasn’t an easy task and will never be for any girl out there. But if you are indeed a non-resident Indian like me, you would be left with very few choices. 

Now, let me warn you that these finds are not for me but for my bestie, who has started her hubby hunting of late. Looking at her, I realize that the Indian matrimonial market is stuck in the same place I was stuck 4 years back. These are some of our hilarious profile finds! Enjoy the read people! 

This is how perfect sounds like!
Dear Future husband, what if your wife has a hair fall issue after marriage?
Life is a human war! Who would have known
Not that any girl wants to invite tension into their lives!
Hope it’s boring? What do you mean? This is entertaining!

Men, if you are indeed looking for that perfect woman to get married- they don’t exist!


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