The shifting hassle

Well, shifting homes in Dubai or whichever part of the world is never an easy task. And no one said it would be. This weekend, we planned to move our home from one part of Dubai to the other. I have to admit, it has been a physically, emotionally and financially draining affair. Can you believe, I have had to be the most organised person ever than I have ever been in my entire lifetime? Shrink wrap, paper wrap, cloth wrap and god knows what not. Yet, there are headless showpieces floating around. If you are in Dubai, there is no escaping the shifting business. Which is exactly why I thought to list down a few of my life learnings here to help you better.

1. Planning to buy new furniture for your new apartment? Start looking a month before your move and finish shopping a week before your move. This will help you have all the furniture in time, rather than wait for it a week later.

2. Packing and unpacking torment: Prepare SOS suitcase with the essential toiletries like chargers, makeup, toothpaste, brush, nightdress and a dress change. At least you won’t have to hunt those like I had to.

3. Name your cartons appropriately. And mention if it has anything fragile. Just because it makes yours and the movers life easier.

4. Brief the movers in advance of the furniture that needs to be taken along and the ones to be left behind. If not they are quite talented and can pack everything up in the blink of an eye.

5. Cover every toiletry you may have. Don’t want them all over your clothes.

6. Although you can google this, you may still want to take a photo of how your electronics were connected. At least you’ll save time plugging them in all possible probabilities.

Oh boy! It’s a task that will last you a month long. Good luck if you are planning to shift homes soon.


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