When in Nepal, pick the best resort to stay at! 

Make no mistake in picking the best resort for your stay while you are in Nepal. After spending three whole days at the Gokarna Forest Resort, I wouldn’t dare to vouch for any other. Set amidst Kathmandu Valley in an undulating forest surrounding, this resort pretty much has everything you are looking for in a rejuvenating holiday. Located about 5 kms away from the airport, which is about 25 minutes drive, this place is very scenic. This place has a 18 hole golf course for the sport lovers, a well maintained forest for nature lovers and a great spa experience for those who just looking for a relaxing hideaway. Imagine waking up to the music of the chirpy birds and monkeys hanging outside your window…

The Rooms

Quite spacious and decorated with malla period architecture. Certain rooms are even a century old that has been restored to offer a luxurious experience. Set amidst the huge and old trees of the forests, every minute you spend around will make you feel closer to the nature.

The Food

They only have a restaurant located within the hotel and one of the negative would be that the food variety on the menu is not all that great. But whatever it is that they offer be the breakfast, lunch or the dinner buffet – it’s quite good. I have to take the name of Mr. Rajkumar, who was quite patient with us during our stay.

The Spa experience 

We loved the Himalayan full body massage that was done as well as the Reflexology and leg massage. They come with a fully equipped gym for health freaks, indoor swimming pool, jacuzzi and sauna which are free to use during your stay.

What’s more?

Go for a forest walk which is worth USD 10 per person for an hour. During your walk around, they’ll take you to a temple located in the middle of the forest, you can also spot Deers, monkeys, birds and many more. But beware of the leeches, honestly I was scared!

Watch out

strongly suggest you don’t book any tour packages from the hotel, the charges are almost triple of what you will get from a local tour operator. We had booked our tours through Antatravels and I have to admit they were reasonable and quite reliable.

Thanks to: Divas and Tashi, you’ve been of great help and assistance through our stay!

Rating: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Cost: AED 2500 for 2 approx for 3 nights including spa and activities

Overall a great experience!


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