Tips for your holiday in Nepal

Well, wherever you travel to, you’ll need some tips to ensure you have a great experience that fits within your budget and requirement. Every country that you decide to visit may have their own do’s and don’t, tips and tricks. Ensure you do your bit of research before your next travel. Here are some of my learnings from my travel to Nepal. 

1. Ensure you change your currency outside the airport at a local exchange house and not even at the hotel you reside

2. The price charged in USD is different from the price charged in NPR, hence exchange your currency into the local one. 

3. Research on the places you want to visit way in advance and have a fair idea of the season and off season (as well as the climatic condition)

4. Don’t bother booking your tours way in advance or to get it done by the hotel (they will rip you off). Instead, find a few local operators and call them from your local landlines to get the best rates. Ensure you bargain as well to get a good deal (a difference of USD 40-50 per tour) 

5. If you are seeking for a tour guide at a particular location, don’t pick the first one. The prices will go down from NPR 500 to NPR 350 as you make your way in

6. Don’t use Roaming services to make calls, rather get a local sim with network package – it’s always cheaper (and you can leave a trail of your holiday on social media) 

7. The roads are non-existent in many parts of the city, ensure you hire a private transfer with a driver (unless you are looking for a time consuming adventure) 
8. Stay healthy, have bottled mineral water or warm water. 

If Kathmandu is on your itinerary next, ensure you keep these tips in mind before your next travel. Bon voyage people! 


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