Three days in Nepal

Kathmandu Valley lies in the heart of Nepal, a beautiful city. At a glance, it may look underdeveloped and destroyed by Earthquake, nevertheless, the country has its own beauty. People have managed to keep the history of this country alive so beautifully that every place you visit may have an awe-inspiring story to tell. The narrow streets, colourful buildings, uneven surfaces, the stores selling art and handicrafts…. My three day itinerary of Nepal, started off with a relaxing spa during my stay at the Gokarna Forest Resort.

Day 1
Checked in to the hotel and we enjoyed the nature and wildlife out and about the resort . Gokarna forest resort is probably one of the best in Nepal. Although we had our plans to set out on a city tour in the afternoon, we decided to do otherwise. We relaxed for a while and went for a spa treatment – Himalayan body massage. A well deserved one, I have to say! The resort has so much more to offer, so if you choose to ride a horse or may be cycle through the golf course or just walk through the forest this place will not disappoint you.

Day 2

After a delicious breakfast, which was a mix of Indian and International cuisine, we decided to set out on a city tour to explore the places around. Though the resort had a free shuttle service to the city, we chose a private tour service simply for the sake of convenience. First stop was at the Bouddhanath stupa, where the Tibetian prayer flags were hung, monks were walking around the stupa and a huge prayer bell for the believers. Earthquake has managed to do quite a bit of damage, but even then the place is nothing less than magnificent one.

Next stop was at the Pashupati Nath temple, where people flocked in to seek blessings from Lord Shiva. This temple is on UNESCO word heritage sites since 1979 and is said to be of existence since 400 BC. The architecture of this temple is Nepalese Pagoda style.

Off we went to Thamel to grab some lunch and then for a mini street shopping experience. Followed by which we stopped by the Narayanhiti palace museum at the Durbar square. This place is quite famous for the Nepalese Royal Massacre. As you walk in and explore the museum, the photos around and the rooms will leave you in curiosity to know more about the place and the incident that took place. After seeing the spot where the king, Queen, crown prince and their relatives were shot, all I wanted to do was go back and know more about what had happened. By now I have read every Google page and documentary that was made on the Royal Massacre.

It was 3 already and we got to our last and final stop at the Swaymbhunath temple or well known as the monkey temple. Get ready to climb nearly 100’s of stairs, if you are a lazy bum like me, you’ll stop after every two step for breath. But you’ll eventually forget about the tiring climb up, when you gaze over the stairway on your right. The splendid view of the city from atop is simply fascinating – no kidding. Once you get to the top, you’ll have cute little friendly monkeys posing for pictures, playing around with no interest in the existence of human beings around them.
By the time we got back to the hotel, we wanted a holiday from this holiday. So for the day after, we decided to take it slow.

Day 3

Our beauty sleep is important where ever we go. On day 3, we slept till 10, had a scrumptious breakfast, a nice walk through the forest and slept will 10, post which we planned our next tour. Day 3, we took off to Bhaktapur, the city with ancient palaces and a culture led by art and handicrafts. The wooden carvings, the story behind each monument there, will leave any history lover in love with the place. Post Bhaktapur we set off to see the sunset through the Himalayan mountains at Nagarkot. Although we caught a tiny glimpse of the Himalayan mountains (guessing so) the rainy clouds made it quite impossible to see the sunset. Looking at my depressed face one of the locals suggested me to come back in October or November to witness the magical sunset – Meh :\

Overall the trip, was worth my long weekend! May be I will come back for another visit to explore Chitwan and Pokhara. But if you are planning for a three day visit, the above itinerary will suit you the best! Before you visit, check out my next post on top 5 tips on travelling to Nepal!


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