Why I love Marketing and choose to be stuck with it?

When I was young, and adults used to ask me the same question over and again on what I wanted to be when I grew up, my answers kept changing from a Doctor to Teacher to a Computer Engineer. All though I hated being asked the question, I had to do the daunting task of picking my career path by high school. I have to admit that my decision was solely based on my favourite teacher back then, but as I grew up the passion for Marketing kept growing in me.

During my college days, I became increasingly fascinated by how marketers drive their products, businesses and how innovative the Marketers have become. Every day is a new learning. During graduation, I was taught a lot more about branding and offline marketing to be precise. But as I started working, the world had changed, ten years down the lane digital and social has taken over the world. But, Marketing is still very much about hard work, skill and keeping yourself updated with what is happening around you and the world. People may look at Marketing as just being creative, but it’s not just that! It’s also about being logical, structured and some numbers as well.

The play of words, the colourful imageries, connecting with people and most importantly strategy along with tonnes of creativity makes Marketing a stimulating career overall for me! Every day is a new lesson, everyday people around you tend to teach you something new – be a sponge absorb it and don’t fear away in passing on the information you’ve gained. I don’t think I can ever see myself doing anything else – guess I am (happily) stuck with Marketing for life!


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