Book review: Cut like wound

Anita Nair has always been one of my all time favourite Indian authors. Which is pretty much why when I saw the book Cut like wound, I didn’t have to think twice before I picked it up. This murder mystery is filled with twists and turns, which will keep you intrigued through the plot. The story starts off on Ramadan evening, when a transgender call girl decides to go out in the public for the first time. She is not just a call girl, but also a psychopath who lures her victims leading up to murders. Inspector Gowda, drives the investigation and identifies the crime path. He doesn’t take long in identifying the work of a serial killer and solve the case. The book takes on a journey through the life of Inspector Gowda, who loves his faithful bullet and old monk rum. The story also showcases his family life, stagnant career and extra marital affair. Set in the backgrounds of Banglore, quite obvious that Nair has done her part of research on the Indian Police. This may not be her best, but isn’t her worst either. The story would rate above average for me and will hook you up with the book almost the minute you pick it up. 

The positives

Every character adds life to the story, specially Inspector Gowda whose family life and personality is well described. To summarize, it was a well written thriller with a complex crime scene which has a beautifully interwoven snippets of local life, and interesting characters that makes this book a pure page turner. 

The negatives 

The investigation starts off after almost first 100 pages of the book. At places you’ll find it being stretched and pulled for no reason. Something that could have improved was the dramatic finish and the predictable climax.

Rating: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 


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