Eat out pick of the week: The Bennigans

This week’s eat out destination for the foodie ladies in the house was Bennigans. After a long evening shopping and strolling around the mall, we decided to settle down for some good food. We settled for Bennigans after contemplating amongst the choice of restaurants Sahara Centre had to offer.

The place and the ambience was quite welcoming and warm. Decorated with massive Irish hats all over with wooden paneling, this place does offer a sense of privacy although situated in a mall. As we settled down to order our meal, we picked buffalo wings as appetizers and ordered for the massive might Irish burger and Spicy Chipotle burger.

Spicy Chipotle burger
The massive Irish burger

As excited as we were on seeing the enormous Irish Burger, we were ready to tuck into our mighty burger served along side the french fries. The presentation was on th mark, the service was but when it came down to the taste, the Irish burger had a slight burnt taste, but the Chipotle burger was well cooked. Overall, I would still give them three stars.
Service: The staff were organized and willing to assist with a smile (most important factor)through the order.

Worth a weekend try!
Bennigan's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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