Eat out pick of the week: Burger Fuel

BurgerFuel, is a popular New Zealand gourmet burger restaurant chain that has been in Dubai since 2010. My love affair with burgers has always been a long standing one. Having been to this place a few times already, my love for burgers have consistently increased over the time.

Review: No matter what burger you try, one thing that I can guarantee is that the patty is going to be a succulent one. I don’t eat beef, but wanted to try the their all new Rehabanero which was originally a beef burger, they helped custom make it for me in Chicken. Imagine a huge juicy burger with melted cheddar cheese spiced up with jalapeno slices and pepper and chilli aioli, now that’s what you get at BurgerFuel. Let me also warn you that this enormous burger can only be eaten messy unless you choose to use the ‘Doofer’, a foldable cardboard designed to hold the burger and toppings from falling out.

Leave that aside for a moment and let’s look at the french fries that are usually served alongside. Chunky served with aioli cannot be compared with the fries served at any of the fast food chains.

Overall, we fell in love with burgers all over again.

Rating: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
Cost: AED 100 for two


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