Twist, twirl and have fun in water #jetski 

When you have a long weekend in hand and run out of options, just look around. To be honest, we had no plans specially anything close to even going outdoors with the burning heat. After a point we were too bored at the idea of staying indoors and decided to go by the beach, We were at the risk of getting burnt, but the vroom vroom noises, speed, adventure and being in water pulled us closer to the skiing tents (or rather they pulled us). Pristine clear waters had ripples all over. 

The rate started off with AED 350 an hour for 1100 cc jet ski, which then reduced to AED 250 and then to AED 100. 

I must warn you that, there has been few cases that’s challenged the security and safety of the riders. Be careful and start slow until you get a hang of it. 

Feel the adrenaline rush while powering across the water, riding on a water bike. I have to admit that we were high on adventure. Once you are in water, it doesn’t matter what pace you are at, slow or fast or the hopping across the sea, making waves, as long as you are having fun with water splashing across your face. Summer heat didn’t really matter anymore. 

Twist, twirl, race and have fun! Great places to Jet Ski in Dubai are Mamzar Dubai and Dubai Marina as for Sharjah it’s the Mamzar side of Sharjah.

You can even steal a good deal from one of the websites, or just go there and use your negotiation skills. Agree for  nothing higher than AED 100 – 150. 


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