4 reasons to take a break and plan a weekend getaway with your family

When it comes to my daily routine, it’s usually a bounce back from the office through the deadly deadlines to those never ending grocery shopping sprees and then comes the weekend chores at home. When you probably look out for the reasons on why you shouldn’t go on a getaway vs why you should, the first one would outweigh your decision in most instances. But this weekend, the decision was otherwise. For those of who are equally confused as I am, here are top four reasons why you should take a break next weekend and plan a getaway.

  • All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Many of us, specially in this region, work day in and day out to just survive and make money. Ask yourself why work so hard when you can’t live a little.
  • Relax, recharge and rejuvenate. Imagine yourself reading a good book by the pool, hogging delicious food, sleeping through the day and doing something new – now that’s what I am talking about.
  • Quality time with yourself and your family. If you are planning to take off with your cell phone along, then might as well stay back. Make a conscious decision to stay away from cell phones and wifi. Stay outdoors, be with your family and simply relax.
  • Pretty good looking and genuinely ‘happy you’ selfies for your social network. Most of us travel to generate social content, so that someone else can look at the pictures and get jealous or get inspired. Clearly my reasoning was just to capture some good memories and moments.

You’ll never realize how important a weekend getaway is for yourself and your family until you have one. If you can’t go too far or break your budget for it, look around there are too many deals.


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