Finally! Swimming (check)

I have always wanted to learn swimming and in fact, it has been in my bucket list for about over 5 years now. After 3 different failed attempts to learn swimming, I had almost given up. I think it was the fear of drowning or may be the fear of embarrassment (not sure which one precedes the other). Before I get into the details of conquering the fear of water, let me tell you about the three failed attempts.

First, a friend of mine dedicated about a month of her time, after work hours to try and teach me swimming. But I guess, it was because I knew she would take me around the pool and ‘won’t let me drown’ guarantee that I had from her. My efforts were close to zilch, all I did was walk in the pool and have fun with her. My second attempt was at one of the popular water parks in the region. This time, it was my very own husband who tried his best and gave up for the same reason. And the third one, was my mom and her umpteenth effort to teach me swimming since childhood. The reasoning were all pretty much the same – The fear (to an extend laziness as well).

When I saw an advert for ladies swimming classes by Venue3, a recreation club in the area I live, I wanted to give it a final try before I gave up completely. This is definitely a great place to learn swimming in Dubai and Sharjah, specially for Al Nahda’ites! And the outcome was that I managed to float and swim short distance within about 5 classes. Here are some tips for those who are like me. These are strictly from my experience.

First and foremost: Don’t give up. Be proud of the fact that you have taken a step towards learning something new.

Secondly, get a swimming buddy along. If you have a friend who can push you through this, nothing like it.

Third, start with the basic – blow bubble. It’s quite important you learn how to exhale in water, this will help the strokes much easier.

Fourth, always opt for paid classes. As much as you love your friends or family to teach you, unless you feel the heat on the pocket, you will not put in 100% of the efforts. Also, the fact that you should leave it up to the experts to do their work.

Remember, Rome was not built in a day. It may take sometime, but as long as you don’t give up and keep trying there’s probably nothing you cant achieve. Can’t wait to get into the deep water pool and master my swimming skills.


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