Why Jaipur remains my favourite travel? #traveldiaries 

We often forget to explore places to closer to us and go in search for that perfect Facebook profile picture. I probably have written about my travel to Rajasthan once but, the city of Jaipur still remains one among my favourite pages in my travel diaries. There’s no question as to why should you visit Rajasthan, but incase you need 5 really good reasons, I will give them to you.

1. Rich heritage, culture, beautiful and splendid architecture and history awaits to be explored in every nook and corner of this city

2. Bargain bazaars filled with  exquisite handcrafts, spectacular jewellery and precious stones lined up all in a lane. There is no way on earth that you would leave the place without going on a shopping spree.

3. Chowki Dhani, is one of the main reasons why I would go back to Jaipur again! From colourful folk dances, camel rides, puppet shows bundled with delectable and authentic Rajasthan cuisine. Food is just divine! 

4. If you love Indian history and have read of those massive haveli’s, marvellous forts and palaces – Jaipur is a city filled with history, the place definitely makes you feel royal! 

5. Chasing for spooky stories and haunted vibes? There are places in Rajasthan that are capable of ‘sending shivers down your spine’

I fell in love with Jaipur the minute I landed, I would probably even go back to Jaipur again for another holiday. That’s not all, the travel experience would also depend on the resort or the hotel you pick during your stay. Sometimes, it’s not always about being touristy and making the most of the destination. It could just be getting away from your daily busy schedule, unwinding and having some quality time with yourself. Enjoying the sunrise with a cup of coffee in your hand may be? In any case, Jaipur will offer you both! 


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