Ramadan Kareem! Top 5 things to watch out for!

Ramadan officially starts today, and Muslims have started their fast from dawn today. They refrain from eating, drinking or even smoking all the way until sunset. And since, Ramadan falls during the summer, it definitely is a little difficult with this kind of weather and is going to be a long one (about 14-15 hours) – no kidding!

So here are top 5 things to watch out for expats during Ramadan in Dubai

1. Dubai gets happening in the evenings and goes all the way till the wee hours. All the malls in the region are expected to be open until 2am in the morning.

2. Dress appropriately and don’t eat, drink or smoke during the daylight. The fine can extend up to AED 2000 or a maximum of one month imprisonment. So watch out!

3. Your office hours will officially change, it will reduce to six hours a day as per the UAE labour law. So, don’t stick around too late at work when you have an official excuse to leave office early.

4. Try fasting for a day, what better way to experience and understand how does your Muslim colleagues feel.

5. If you plan to hang out during Iftar, get your reservations done early. Every place tends to get super packed!

P.S. At work respect Muslims who are fasting and avoid eating and drinking in front of them.

Ramadan Kareem!


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