Weekend idea #25: Pottery classes

“Try to learn something about everything and everything about something” – Thomas Henry Huxley

That’s exactly what I did this weekend. Something handmade, something unique and a fun experience of learning the art of pottery. Me and my bestie decided to finally (the key word here) attend pottery introduction workshop conducted by Yadawei Ceramics. You get to create your own little master pieces, play with clay and the wheel, design something unique and take it home. We were given a chance to try the potter’s wheel, do a pinch pot and even create a coil cup. They were then given to us to take home. If you are someone like me, you will feel like a little kid who has won an award.

Yadawei is apparently the only open access pottery studio in the gulf, where you can work with absolutely no restrictions and have an expert walk around just incase if you need any help.

As we walked in, we were seated amongst like-minded people, who equally enjoy crafting something new. We were then given a ball of clay to play around with. The minute you have it in your hand, the child in you wants to create something (mostly a clay pot). We started with pinch pots with a single lump of clay that was given to us. After almost an hour of trying my luck with all the tools that was given to us, we then wanted to try the potter’s wheel. Now, that’s fun at another level all together.

The experience is highly recommended. Keep an eye out on their website to find out more about the next meet-up session which is usually for as little as AED 45. Highly recommended. And remember, the expert in anything was once a beginner. Who knows? This may be your calling, unless you try, you would’nt know!


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