A stroll through the old Dubai

Who doesn’t love an evening well spent in an urban restaurant? Well, this weekend we thought otherwise. Dubai is definitely where the best of both worlds meet. Dubai is probably known for its super cars, Porsche restaurants and ambitious skyscrapers. But, the other side of Dubai still remains very traditional, cultural and well-preserved.

the old souk
Spice market

Sometimes, it’s just great to getaway from the crowded malls to a crowded souk. During our stroll on the Deira grand souk, the strong aroma of the herbs and spices, vibrant textile stores and tons of gold is what left us awestruck. There are over 300 jewellery stores within the souk, some featuring massive record winning jewellery pieces (to be honest, more like dresses).

the giant ring

Adjacent to the souk is the Dubai creek where Abra, a traditional ride that is still used commute across the creek awaited for us.

Our final stop was on the other side of Dubai creek where our Dinner Dhow cruise was waiting to get the guests on board. Having booked our Dinner buffet on the dhow cruise hosted by Radisson Blu, we enjoyed every bit of the evening. Fascinating lights of Dubai creek, Arabic music together with spectacular dinner buffet.

The glimpse of old Dubai during that brief trip across the waters, just made our evenings break away from the usual. An evening well spent and totally recommended!


2 thoughts on “A stroll through the old Dubai

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m glad there are parts of old Dubai still surviving even though the souqs have been modernised and cleaned up. You might be interested in the photographs I posted today, of Dubai souq as it was is 1976.

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