Through the backwaters of Kerala

I agree this is a little late post, but isn’t it better late than never? Couple of days back, I was digging up some of my last year’s photographs, and these snaps came by the scroller. While I was on a trip back home in Kerala last year, we planned a getaway to Kumarakom. Though I have been to this place umpteen times and also have spent a few hours admiring the surroundings, but never made a conscious decision to stay there and get an up close experience of the beauty and luxury Kumarakom had to offer.

 Kumarakom is set in the backgrounds of the picturesque Vembanad lake, the largest fresh water lake in Kerala. Known to be the tourist paradise the resorts in the backwaters and a journey on the house boats are a must try for those who have are planning to explore Kerala.

 During our stay, we chose the waterscapes resort which is located in the bird sanctuary and a property managed by the government. The property is set against the Vembanad lake, with wooden chalets that run past canals and lush greenery. A complete relaxing and rejuvenating experience awaits you. One of those beautiful days when everything is perfect to the T – like a breakfast by the pool side. Another must try here is the house boat which is designed to be a traditional experience yet a luxurious one with nature by our side.

 OK now imagine, a journey on the house boat through the Vembanad lake in the cool backwaters of Kerala, along with the most yummiest seafood lunch served in typical local style. An experience you’ll have only in the God’s very own hometown. Ride is totally worth it and if you choose to miss it, your trip isn’t complete!

I am sure these pictures will tell you a lot more than what my words can – an enchanting one! Highly recommended and must visit!
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