Bin Majid resort: Stay Review

A few weekends back, we decided to hangout with a bunch of our dear friends. All of us were equally worn out from the day to day routine of life – work-home-work. A staycation is exactly what we planned to break away from it all, atleast for a couple of days. But remember rule number 1 is to leave your phone behind, that way half your issues will be sorted!


So here’s a quick review of the resort that we planned our stay at – The Bin Majid Beach resort, Ras Al Khaimah. The place is closed to Al Hamra Mall, but that doesn’t make this place in middle of the city. We booked five cabana’s for our stay. Decently big hotel, with private beach and swimming pool, clean rooms and friendly staff is what you can expect to get here. All we did the entire afternoon was eat, drink, swim, sleep and have loads of fun! Not heavy on your pocket at all, the rooms aren’t any less comfortable though. The only gripe I would have is the beach needs to be maintained well – certain areas were covered with algae.

This place definitely makes a great getaway, more fun if you plan it out with your friends! **wink**wink**

Rating: **** stars

The good: The room and the swimming pool

The bad: Under maintained beach



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