Truckersdxb finale weekend!

Truckersdxb is where all food lover’s meetup! This is where good food, great music and an amazing venue with pop up shop come together. Though, the reminders kept popping up in my inbox every now and then, the only regret I would have is the fact that I should have been here a few times before the finale. We loved the place and is totally recommended when it comes back! 

Who would have thought a VIP area would mean relaxing on a hammock with messy ice cream in hand and an overdose of good music (sung by dashing hot looking men) ? 

art and craft pop up shop
in queue for thr messy ice cream
who would say no to some Nutella waffles?
Pakistani soul food from Moti Roti food truck
and finally its here! the messy icecream!
calling out to all burger lovers in town!
the gang of foodmad
music jamming session and good food


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