Chill out (lounge), summer is here!

Summer is almost here and the perfect place to meet up with your friends in this climate would be indoors, wouldn’t it be a bonus if it was sub zero as well? Great then get ready to experience the Middle East first sub zero lounge.

Chill out is located in Time square centre, Al Quoz Dubai. Ensure you have made prior booking before you decide to walk in with a bunch of friends. The place is quite small and as expected frozen as well. It was totally a unique experience for us, on arrival we were given thermal jacket and boots. Once we were all dressed up, enter the frozen arena, chill out lounge. What welcomes you inside is the ice seating, ice sculptures and ice tables. We then ordered for a super hot chocolate with some very and non veg skeweres. 

Everyone around us were so busy clicking pictures and posing for the photographs that they would have probably forgotten to enjoy the experience. I guess that’s how most of us have become. Oh and don’t forget to order the chocolate cake, it’s a must have! 

The only gripe I would have with this place is that it is to small. Enter and it’s over.

It’s good for a one time experience and is totally worth it.


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