Aquaventure it is! 

This is a story of a mad weekend out with a bunch of mad friends. We set out on a fun water adventure to AQUAVENTURE with zero knowledge of swimming. It’s the largest water park in Dubai with over 42 acres of sheer fun and on the edge rides.

I would have probably gone for the rides safe for kids, rather than the adrenaline pumping ones. But the mad bunch didn’t bail me out from it. The fact that I didn’t know swimming didn’t come in the way of fun at all. Apart from one of the rides, I jumped up and down on all the others. The one ride that I missed was called the Poseidon revenge, as a matter of fact we went all the way up, I gathered all the courage that I had and lined up for my turned. But as it got closer the screams and the reality freaked me out. I backed out of just one ride while my other friends went right ahead.


OK so imagine you are locked down in a capsule with hands on your chest and legs crossed. You have no clue when the bottom part opens up and you plummet down in about 60kms per hour! So now you know why I didn’t go for this one.

Well, I did try the leap of faith. That itself was a challenging one. A slide that is about 9 storey high and is a complete vertical drop in probably a split second. I have to admit that I lost my voice by the end of it but was well worth it. My turn was the second in our group followed by 4 more. And, the most hilarious part of it all was the wait for them to get down. It was fast and it was super fun/scary. I know the mix is quite an odd one.

Then you have all the regular rides like river rapid and splashers. Oh and another one, a water splash through the shark lagoon. The good thing here is you can get the double tube and drag a friend along.


They also have a mini zip line for an additional cost. Good for the little ones though.

Take note of

Ensure you have a swimwear

A waterproof Mobile cover if you intend to click pics

Moisturizer – if you don’t want to be tanned


A free entry on your birthday

Get the UAE resident rate of AED 195 or wait for a good deal to pop up on Facebook.

Verdict – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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