Long weekend alert people!

Isra Wal Miraj holidays have been announced and they are falling on a weekend. Don’t wait for your last minute research and eureka moments to plan your three-day holiday falling on 5-7 May, 2016. I have been doing my bit of research to make your life and mine easier!

The usuals


Most people would either head off for a weekend stay within the region. Great idea but book soon, because as I look at the most popular hotel websites all the best ones are either gone or have very few rooms left. The next ‘usual’ idea for a weekend getaway here is a drive to Oman. The drive is great but, it’s going to be crowded and clogged with groups travelling to Oman. It is still a cost effective weekend getaway.

New things


Al Ain zoo has recently introduced the largest man-made safari in the world and the teaser video looks pretty interesting. The summer is almost here, but not completely arrived so it’s probably a good idea to be outdoors now than later.
For all the photography enthusiasts in town, Nikon is organizing an interactive and informative session – the photography live! Free for photography enthusiasts and professionals. If you are one of those, give this one a try!

Travel abroad


If you plan to travel abroad, pick a destination which offers you a visa on arrival and is more of a weekend destination that can be explored in just a couple of days. My pick would be Jordan or Maldives. Jordan because it’s been gaining a lot of traction these days and has a lot to offer. Maldives because – the idea is sheer relaxation, away from the hustle and bustle of your daily work life. Both these places offer visa on arrival for Indians and are unique in their own manner.

The moral of the story is start planning now, or it will be to late! 


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