Too nervous to Sky Dive? Here’s what I did this weekend!

Yet you want to experience it without jumping off from a plane? Then, here’s a weekend experience which is totally worth it – indoor skydiving at iFly! And that’s exactly what we did this weekend.

When you walk into iFly and finish off with the disclaimer, the first thing you notice are the huge transparent vertical tubes right on top with people flying and floating in the wind tunnels. Though iFly discourages people with shoulder dislocation and back issues, I still chose to go ahead. The excitement overcame the fear and the potential pain after the floating session.

They will brief you for about 15 minutes on the dos and don’t as well as the signals which the trainer will use while you are in the wind tunnel. The basic rules are to have your chin up, bend legs and relax. Once that’s done, we were off to the changing rooms with the suit and shoes they gave. They don’t let you take your phone along hence you are forced to buy the photos of the indoor skydiving session (that I thought was a drawback though).

By 3.15pm we were all set and inside the tube waiting for our turn to come. Kids and adults all were equally scared and excited at the same time. I was told to launch myself on the belly at the entrance and fold your hands close to the chest. At first the trainer will spend about 30 secs training you to float and the rest 30 secs you’ll try and float with the air hitting you at about 200mph. After I stabilised myself, the trainer asked me to smile at the camera which was busy flashing at me after every 5 secs. The disturbing part is that you dont realise when your saliva is dripping due to the force of the air. After the first practice session you still have a second round, that ofcourse was the fun part of the indoor skydiving. The trainer will take you all the way up and bring you back down and then again and then again for a complete minute.

An awesome experience worth every penny spent! I’ll probably check off sky diving off my bucket list until I gain the courage to do an actual one!

Where: Mirdiff City Centre
Cost: AED 180 per person
Experience: Totally recommended!


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