Gorgeous Georgia

Truly a budget travellers paradise. Tbilisi, capital city of Georgia was never in my must travel list of destination, but when the plans were put through to an offbeat exploration, we jumped on the opportunity. Plus, there’s a lot of hype that is going around anyways about this destination! 

Visa: for those who have UAE resident visa, it’s on arrival. Isn’t that even more better reason to get to Georgia? 

If you are based out of UAE and have a resident visa, which most expats and of course locals will have, gets visa on arrival. But then again there has been a couple of cases this year where few families were rejected visa on arrival – so check the rules and regulations before you travel.

What’s the kind of cash you need to carry along? Well, we had 600 USD on us as spending money apart from the usual credit cards. The food and accommodation is dirt cheap and so is the rent a car. But the latter two were already booked and paid before our travel.

The city is worth a 3-day exploration. Georgia will facinate you with ts nature and history.  From those snowy mountains to archeological wonders, this place will surely mesmerize you. 

The idea renting a car was a great one ofcourse but with GPS was an even more fabulous one! Yes I agree, there will be times you wonder if that was the best idea ever, but guess what the happiness that comes along with it is worth it! So here’s what we did, we just followed our intuitions … We interacted with locals to find our way, took a few rounds of the same place on and on.

We started off with the Holy Trinity church of Tbilisi also known as Sameba amongst the locals. This is the third largest church Orthodox cathedral in the world.

Narikala fortress was our next site which we were taken on a cable car. The view is worth the money spent of cable car. All those old houses painted in different colours, we truly loved!

We then went to the funicular, the journey up on the railway. Stunning park up the hill is waiting for your entire day to spent.

After a delicious breakfast, our next day started off at the botanical garden and the sulphur bath. For those who would like to enjoy wine, we say is a must have here. If you enjoy long drives off to the snowy mountains of Georgia this city has that too.

A drive in and around the city plus the walk around the park with art display is something we enjoyed. The people here hardly speak any English but are open minded and willing to help. You’ll see most men in this city spending their time with their friends, while women working hard.

The city is recommended for family, friends and those who love city exploration. I would definitely go back a second time to just relax and fall in love with the city all over again, and I am sure you’ll too.


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