Music, colours and loads of fun

Every weekend in Dubai has something new and something different to try on. This week, it was the Holi celebrations. The popular Indian festival of Holi, is a festival of colours, gathering and loads of fun with your family and friends. Being a South Indian who has dust allergy, never thought Holi was my cup of tea or rather celebration. But what do you do when you have a bunch crazy friends who drag you out of the house? 

Well, no regrets! Throwing colours at each other, water guns loaded and pure Bollywood music is what the event summed up to. We chose Bab Al Shams Arena for the celebrations where they had invited a popular singer Mika Singh to perform. The highlight of course the as the time well spent with friends. 

 You don’t need to be an Indian to be a part of Holi, it’s a celebration of togetherness and culture. Truly a colourful one! Next year add this to your must try list. 

P.S – Remember o use organic colours to avoid skin allergy.


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