Weekend plan # 1001 – Visit Ripe Market

If you are bored on a Friday morning or getting depressed on Saturday evenings, here’s a great weekend out idea for you in Dubai – specially if you have little ones at home! This climate is just perfect to take them out on a picnic. A picnic where both the mom and her little one can enjoy. Mom because of the organic vegetable and fruit shopping alongside those little things for home decor that you can also pick up. And daughter because the park is just a perfect place for them to jump around and have fun.

How did I plan to visit Ripe Market? I was totally depressed out the last day of the weekend before work and wanted a quick break. When I noticed this event on facebook, I thought let me check this place out. Having read too many reviews about Ripe Market, I wanted to check it out myself.

Set out in Al Barsha pond park on Saturdays from 4pm to 9pm, Ripe market is all about farm-fresh organic fruits and vegetables.

What did I love and would recommend this place for?
From food stalls, trucks and those long queues at the hot dog counter, Ripe Market has just the right stalls for all foodies like me. If you are interested in shopping for farm fresh organic vegetables and fruits then that’s the lead product here. Followed by flavoured pickles, olives and popcorns. I also loved that fact that Ripe market promotes handicrafts and little DIY’s at the little counters as well as craft sessions to keep your little ones engaged.

Like they claim in true Ripe Market style, they offer a perfect platform for local musicians, artists, sellers and designers to engage with the local community. That’s not all Al Barsha pond park itself is a good reason to visit Ripe Market. Happy weekend out!




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