And it’s time for Global Village! 

Guess why I waited all this while after the DSF was over to visit Global Village? Reason one – Less traffic and reason two more shopping bargains. We left home at around 5pm and managed to reach the venue without much traffic and line ups by 5.45pm. But when we were on our way back at about 9pm, people were flowing in, the traffic with long queues were just building up and those long hunts for parking.  Suggest you guys leave a little early if you are going on a weekend out. Sometimes these long waits can be frustrating and kill your excitement too. 


This year, as a part of their 20th anniversary celebrations the set up was exquisite unlike the previous years and well worth Aed 15 per person on the entry ticket. We had a ball trying out the yummy heritage cuisines and turkish ice creams, African performance, shopping on steal deals and clicking tons of selfies – a complete girls night out. 
My favorite pavilions will remain India, China and Africa as always. Free wifi, open space to relax and eat your hearts out, interactive and interesting performances await you at Global Village. 

If you haven’t been there this year, well worth it! Oh, and don’t miss out on the funky street shows as well as the fantasy land with really cool rides and if you are lucky there are loads of chances to win. 


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