How about a budget holiday in Maldives? 

Yes, I agree Maldives is all about luxury and most travellers dismiss the idea of travelling to Maldives on Budget. Well, after my bit of research about the destination here are some tricks that you could try. Tourism is the main revenue of the country hence, everything you look around is quite expensive.

1. Airline: There are so many flights that now fly directly or indirectly to Maldives. Plan in advance and make the most of short stop over indirect flights.

2. Travel: Ferry is right outside the airport and is hard to be missed. Suggest you have the currency converted from USD to Maldiviyan Rufiya. It’s either 1 USD or 3 Rufiya to Male city, see the comparison for yourself. Also if you are travelling bus and jetty are connected and you’ll find them after every 15 minutes.

3. Hotel: If you are looking for a cheaper stay option – suggest you look out for 3 star hotel options which are beach facing. Do check the reviews out before you book. I’ll get to the island part – hold 😜

4. Money: like I said above, my sincere suggestion is to carry Maldiviyan Rufiya rather than USD. Your stay becomes more cheaper than you would expect.

5. People and language: People are extremely helpful and speak English. You’ll notice a lot of Chinese people around as well.

5. Activities: Now comes the awesome/fun/amazing part of the travel. Take a package deal – go on a day visit to one of the island resorts (5star) including unlimited drinks, lunch buffet, access to swimming pool, beach with water sports. It will cost you about 130 to 165 USD. Here are some contacts of the guys who could help you get some good deals for water sports, snorkeling and island visits:

KK – +960 7 999 173

Nivaan – +960 7700888

I suggest if you are here for long, get a package of island stay with water villa option for 2 nights – 700 usd approx including food.

Now that you know the secrets, go on don’t think twice book your holiday to Maldives. Enjoy fellow pps.

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