The haunted places in Goa

Before my last visit to Goa, I did a bit of research on the must visit places in Goa. Apart from those pretty blue beaches, enchanting churches, vintage-y streets, Goa has a haunted side too. We were excited when I stumbled upon articles and research pieces on the haunted sites of Goa. Interestingly, we even got the opportunity to visit a couple that added a spooky touch to our vacation. Like most of us think or rather already know Goa is not just about beaches and the shacks, this destination which is a part of the Incredible India has so much more to offer. Here’s where we went to add the spooky factor to our holiday and some are also researched, we hope you love it:

Igorchem Bandh


This haunted dam situated in Raia has spirits haunting the site even during the bright day light. Known to be haunted by the dark evil spirits, this place gets scarier by afternoon.

Borim Bridge


Okay now this gets a little scarier, there has been multiple or numerous reportings on the Borim Bridge that people who drive down the bridge often notice a lady jumping down the bridge. For those who stop to help will find her on return in their back seat. So don’t dare to pass by the midnight over the bridge.



This village is said to be haunted by the ghost of a lady named Christalina, and the story goes back almost 60-65 years rewind. Apparently a jew guy went missing near the so-called haunted banyan tree. His family found him motionless and speechless and remained the same for almost 4 days. And later, he was seen diving in the air screaming the name of Christalina with blood and scratches all over his face.

Three King Church


This church is said to have seen the killing of two kings by a rival king who wanted take over the entire kingdom. In the wake of public outcry, he poisoned himself shortly after murdering the two kings. Since then, the church is said to be haunted by the three kings. Locals and visitors to the church have reported hearing strange noises some have even felt the presence in and around the church. We were here till the late afternoon, so were the most crowd.

Dmello’s house


This property has an entire past associated with it, the story goes by the conflict of two brothers over an ancestral property which resulted in the death of one of the brother. Ever since then the locals living near by have heard loud cries, felt paranormal activities, breaking of windows and so on. The property has never been sold or divided amongst the family members since then. Truly haunted right?

NH 17


This Mumbai – Goa highway is one of the most haunted roads in India. The legend has it that the road is haunted by witches craving for flesh and is not advised for people to travel on this road after midnight with meat to avoid falling prey to the witches.


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