The wild side of Sharjah – #weekendOut

What’s in Sharjah? Guys, this was the question I had for the longest time like most of my friends did too. Dubai is happening – but Sharjah has no tourist worthy places to explore! Nope, that’s not true! You are absolutely wrong people … Weekends may not be as happening and loud, yet there are many places that are fun to explore with your family. Like the Arabian wildlife and Botanical garden of Sharjah. There are loads of things to do in Sharjah, here’s an interesting one.

Arabian Wildlife Centre

Location: Its on the same street as Sharjah airport, close to interchange 9

The Wildlife Centre is currently the world’s largest collection of Arabian wildlife and it is also the only zoological park in the Middle East to be completely indoors. Yes, unlike most outdoor zoo’s you don’t have to take those long sweaty walks instead you can have the same fun indoors – Making it perfect for a day out, regardless of the weather.

Just because it’s indoors, doesn’t mean you’ll not find reptiles, invertebrates, birds, nocturnal animals, ungulates and large carnivores – they are all in there!  My favourite bit of the entire visit was the open air area in which the birds will fly around while you explore the place around.

There’s more to this, the very next stop within the compound is the botanical garden where you can smell wild flowers, find out how to count the age of a tree and so on.

The children’s farm is yet another speciality of this wildlife centre. If you all have little ones then they will enjoy feeding goats, admiring the wild tortoise etc.

Bravo Sharjah! You guys have done a great job of putting education and conservation.

I loved it! Hence recommend it too..

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