Why I love airports!

This isn’t a usual my kind a post, but the very thought of sharing my thoughts is a good reason why I choose to blog about emotions  – well atleast its got an airport angle to it.

Very rarely do I miss a chance of going to the airport to pick and drop one in my family (sometimes friends too). Why? I’ll have to refer you back to one of my favourite quote –

Airports see more sincere kisses than wedding halls, the walls of hospital have heard sincere prayers than the walls of churches

and that’s absolutely true.

You’ll observe it yourself, whenever you visit an airport. At the arrivals you’ll usually get to see a lot of mixed emotions of happiness and excitement, hugs and kisses with more passion. As for departures, the emotions are more subtle – silence, hopes and prayers and even some tears. The range of human emotions experienced in that confined area is not even close to what you’ll see in your lifetime.

If ever, you choose to observe them closely like I do, you’ll start making up stories of what each emotion has probably got hidden behind.

In hardly an hour that I spent waiting for my brother to arrive, I saw the sadness of those bidding good bye and the sorrow hidden in their silence. The excitement and eagerness of a group of friends who just wanted to kick start their adventurous trip I guess.

1000’a of kisses, hugs and roses while welcoming their siblings, parents, partners and so on. Desperation in the way some people said good bye probably its going to be a long one, anxiousness and the feeling of some tragedy that could have occured which has led to the travel.

And then there are these straight faced business travellers, who have this look of ahh-just-another-business-trip!

Being an expat in this region, probably the departure zone will give you more excitement of travelling back to your city and meeting all your family.

Next time you get a chance to pick or drop someone off to the airport, don’t give it away! Try it and you’ll love it. Phase 2 is to start making up stories in your mind, you’ll enjoy the wait.

In whichever case, every trip to the airport leaves me fascinated with the kind of love people hold back and not many are good at expressing it!

You are free to share your views below in comments.


4 thoughts on “Why I love airports!

  1. This post is extremely relatable to me because I always find myself facinated with all the people in airports and their reactions to the situation their in. This one of the reasons I love airports!😊

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