My top 5 (must keep in mind) tips before you set out on your next trip in 2016

If travel is in your bucket list or a part of your New Year resolution for 2016, ensure you keep the below tips in mind before you set out on your next trip. You’ll never know when these will come handy for you.


1. Pack and unpack wisely: The trip is going to be all about the experience and the fun you’ll have more than a fashion show those dresses you’ll probably not even wear. So guess what? Ensure you carry dresses/ tops/ shirts that you can probably mix and match. Ensure you find out the weather of the destination you are travelling to and prepare yourself with the necessary jackets / umbrellas etc.

Oh, another thing – you would probably know this already, but if you have just a hand baggage while travelling, it just means that you’ll spend less time in the airport waiting for your bags to arrive. Also, there will be less probability of losing your baggage.


2. Live like a local: Experience the way of living local when you are exploring a new destination. You can even choose for home stays, B&B’s to save your budget. Interact with the locals and they’ll let a few travellers secret out to you of that particular destination – like where to get the best deals, how to sneak into a party and so on


3. Money matters: Ensure you are carrying local cash / money with you while travelling. So should you carry your credit cards! Ensure you have kept your cash distributed amongst various places – some in hotel (not a huge chunk of course), some in your back-pack, some in your pocket and some with your partner or friend travelling along. Nowadays, you will also get a travellers card – find out more about it before you travel.


4. Carry along: Know the kind of adapter plug that you’ll need to carry along with you. Must take a power bank, extra charger, GPS tracker, checklist of places you need to visit, bandana / cap and more than anything else – a camera


5. Enough of your dreams and plans – execute it guys! Get inspired with those traveller stories of people who quit work and set out on a journey, that’ll surely inspire you enough!

Finally, rise early because some of the best snaps you’ll ever get are in the wee hours. Most people who wait to travel the world never do, so this year set out on a journey and live every moment.


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