Cool off at Al Qudra – Dubai

Make the most of this amazing climate while it lasts. Do more outdoors than indoor adventures. Here’s a brilliant place you will love hanging out with your family and bonding with them!

Yeah yeah so we figured out Al Qudra wasn’t a popular site amongst Dubai’ites. It’s definitely a new place to explore in Dubai, and is a man-made lake with a wildlife twist to it. A great spot for bird watchers, for those who are lucky will find up to 130 species of birds. That’s not all, if you love cycling you can rent bikes and go out there cycling on the empty tracks created for cycling only –Β world’s largest designated cycle track in fact! You can choose to go cycling or camp in the evenings or barbecue outing with your family and friends or even just spent time clicking gorgeous pictures.

Just ensure your little ones are told not to litter the water, that is something that turned me off with the people around. Parents were cheering with their kids, while they were busy creating water pollution and disturbing the nature – not a sight that you’ll love watching!

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