Eat Out – Pick of the week: Yamaha Cafe


Apart from the usual weekend trips and exploration, me and my husband fancy weekend eat outs too. When in Dubai, you are never short of an eat out option, every nook and corner has something new, something tasty and different cuisines available for us. Even though we love trying out new places, our selection of cuisines are limited to Indian, Arabic, Italian, Mexican and some junk but never Japanese.

So this weekend, we wanted to try something new and had some time to take a stroll along the streets of Jumeirah. We settled for the idea of finding a restaurant probably around the box park area and relish a delicious eat out. That’s exactly when we came across this amazing cafe where Japanese flair and sportive biking culture comes together – Yamaha Cafe. While going through the menu, the waiter came over to help us with the decision-making, sushi, sashimi, tempura and special range of Okashi – a Japanese sweet was their specials.

Even without tasting the food we loved the place, because not only they had bikes but also PS4 games to make this place perfect for friends gathering.


What we had?
FX Tempura Cruiser – which was basically Prawns and vegetables deep friend with some dipping sauce.
Japanese Ice Macha – which was a mix of tea, ice cream and mint
Frosty Osaka frappe and Wolverine vegetable roll


We definitely had some fun with some bike selfies, food, games and the stroll alongside the box park. Sometimes you don’t need too many people around you to have a good time, sometimes you don’t need to spend a lot to enjoy a good evening – ensure you steal all those moments to have a great time!

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