A road trip to Khasab, Oman

This climate is a perfect excuse to go on a road trip to Khasab. We started our road trip from Dubai to Khasab which was followed by dhow cruise, dolphin spotting, diving who know how to swim and relishing a delicious Arabic lunch on board. We had planned our trip almost a week in advance and was all set to start the on road adventure to Khasab. We left home around 7.30am in the morning and got to the border via Ras Al Khaimah. Guys, watch out for the hidden cameras and speed limit, what if you guys have to go back and pay it rather than paying online – that’s not going to be a pleasant experience I guess.

Word of warning for all those who love racing their cars like no tomorrow: The roads are pretty empty and there will exciting turns and twirls for those who love driving but guys, watch out for the hidden cameras and speed limit, what if you guys have to go back and pay it rather than paying online – that’s not going to be a pleasant experience I guess.

If you guys are planning to go during a peak weekend, then watch out for the long, long queues in front of the border gate. From there it will take another 90 minutes to reach Khasab city. The ride is a gorgeous one of course! You’ll be tempted to stop over for a few minutes to click some brilliant snaps (ensure u guys are taking a selfie stick along)
 Beaches, breathtaking rocky mountains, sandy dunes are just a few sceneries that will pass by while you are driving. Honestly, I just didn’t let anyone in my car sleep – excitement at every turn!

When we reached the destination, we were greeted by our tour guide from the dhow cruise we had booked earlier that week. Life jacket is mandatory, so you’ll have to wear it – no option guys. There was an old Omani dhow (that’s what they are called) waiting for us to board. The capacity of the dhow, I think was 50 – 80 people.

When the Dhow journey started off, it anchored at different spots the famous Telegraph Island, where you can swim and snorkel in the clear waters. Since my swimming skills are close to pathetic, I chose not to jump and instead enjoy it from the dhow while my friends took a dip. Well, it wasn’t all that bad ok! If you are lucky like me (and most are) you get to spot the dolphins. The minute you see people moving towards one side of the dhow, don’t panic, it’s just because they have spotted a dolphin, have your camera’s focused and handy.

The lunch buffet was served to us on board, typical Arabic food that you’ll enjoy. On the way back from the dhow cruise you’ll also spot villages all in the same colour on the mountains. That’s yet another perfect view, specially when you travel all the way from Dubai, where you see only high rise building (not that I am complaining)

A ride back home will definitely make you feel tired, but still leave you in awe of the journey that you have just experienced and take back the memories you have made in some of the amazing images you have captured.

Now if you guy want to take a proper break and not drive back – you can do so too – pick a package that offers overnight stay in a resort. I would highly recommend this option in case you are travelling with your little ones.

P.S none of these pictures are exaggerating about the place. It’s honestly breathtaking – worth a visit!

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