In Ghost Town In – Jazirat Al Hamra

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So when you have a long weekend in hand and travel fares are really high, most of us decide to spend some quality time with family and friends locally.

Long drives, visiting new places, trying out a new restaurant, new experiences Dubai definitely has so much more to offer!

How about starting with the Ghost town in Ras Al Khaimah first?

Jazirat Al Hamra in Ras al Khaimah translates into Ghost Town. People say if you go there, you’re bound to have some spooky experiences. Usually Jinns in the form of some animal (usually goat).

Perfect time to visit is in the evening specially when its summer and when you expect to get some spooky experiences.

Just an hour-long drive from Dubai and we found ourselves wandering through empty streets, exploring crumbling homes, looking for geo-caches, and taking photos!

What we’ve heard?

The story of the town’s demise dates back to the 1930′s economic crises and the decline of the natural pearl industry in the UAE. “Not long after, the town was deserted when the inhabitants moved out, attracted by the prospect of better living conditions offered by the local government. People left behind their houses, mosques and shops, creating what now is an undisturbed picture of life before the exploitation of oil.”

It is not clear when the haunting began, but the village remains abandoned, uninhabited, and neglected since 1968.

Known as the Red Island, this village was the home to Za’ab tribe back in 14th Century. This village is filled with Coral houses, crumbling walls, and houses with huge courtyard.

This village may or may note scare you, but the visit is worth the experience you are looking for, at least the awesome images that you can capture.


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